Panama approves another utility-scale PV project (9MW)

PHOTON - Panama’s public services regulator Autoridad de los Servicios Públicos de la República de Panamá (ASEP) has granted provisional approval for a 9 MW PV project. The Coclé PV project would be built by local developer Solar Coclé in the municipality of Coclé, in the province of Coclé.

In June, ASEP granted provisional approval to a 19.8 MW PV project that local company SDR Energy Panama SA aims to build in the municipality of Boqueron, in the province of Chiriqui, and in May, ASEP granted provisional approval to two PV projects with a combined capacity of 29.9 MW. A first 19.95 MW project, named Bajo Frío, would be located in the municipality of Aserrio de Gariché, in the province of Chiriquí. The project was submitted by local developer Bajo Frío PV SA. A second 9 MW PV plant, named Chiriquí, would be developed by Enel Fortuna SA, a hydro generator owned by Italian renewable energy developer Enel Green Power SpA whose main activity is the operation of a 300 MW hydropower plant on the Chiriqui river, in Chiriqui province. The solar project, for which Enel Fortuna has already signed a grid-connection agreement with local power provider Empresa de Distribución Chiriquí SA, would be located in the municipality of San Juan, in the same province. 

Sources: Photon; ASEP