What Can Costa Rica Learn From Honduras About Renewable Energy?

from our media partner The Costa Rica News, 2 October 2015

Despite the fame Costa Rica gained at the beginning of this year for going 100+ days on completely renewable energy, Honduras is giving ticos a run for their money.

Honduras is now poised to overtake Mexico as the second-largest solar market in Latin America after Chile. According to GreenTechMedia, a leading provider of green market research:

“Regulatory clarity and incentives for investors have set [Honduras] apart from its neighbors… where a lack of clear rules and price stability are hindering solar development.”

And they’re just getting started. The first large-scale photovoltaic project in Honduras only recently premiered this past May. Since then the country has begun an incentive plan, offering 20-year contracts with the state utility, Empresa Nacional de Energia Electrica (ENEE), to foreign investors.

To better understand Honduras’s potential, it’s worth taking a look at what ENEE sees as their three main responsibilities. In addition to protecting the environment through the use of renewable energy, ENEE also places a heavy emphasis on social welfare and education.

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